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Communication as interaction

A cybernetic environment is forming around our interaction with nature and technology.

Metaconstructs aims to empower creative intelligence and creative productivity through progress of technological evolution.

Knowledge and experience are moving towards a designed future of wisdom.

Embodied minds encompass nature and technology. We’re our shared environment and we need a designed framework to evolve upon.

How can value become realised earlier for time travel to occur? The breakthrough to wisdom.

Stylised image of a living cell across interstellar space


Representations in life

Objects and mechanisms flow through feedback and feedforward cycles over layers of metaconstructs.

Emergence of intelligence forms as the vector entangles with every interaction.

Recorded and decayed events create information organica that build cybernetic species.

Diagram of a Flowcycle of the Experience Metaconstruct Substrate

Resonance core

Events in time

We’re all an influence on the reality of time. Events make up the recall from previous experience.

Together we move through a construct of an idea of reality. The idea glimmering in our sight as time moves forward.

Diagram of a Metaconstruct Resonance core

Nerve synapse

Experiences in emotion

Our emotions infuse memories through the spread of time. Failure and success plot our experience to the expression of events.

We grow from our memories as they alter in times past and times projected into the future.

Diagram of a Metaconstruct Nerve synapse

Living cell

Perspectives in projection

When you combine both time and emotion, our collective mind projects ideas to the edge of our presence.

We bring closer our reality to the elusive idea. Our perspectives become a memory we experience while it evolves into ourselves.

Diagram of a Metaconstruct Living cell

Entanglement Personas Metaconstructs

Components symbolised

Entanglement amplitudes in symbols: Vector as Representation, Mechanism as Minima and Object as Maxima Entanglement coordinates in symbols: Time as Events, Emotion as Experiences and Projection as Perspectives

Nature of life flows through all things, virtual or real, dead or alive, idea or reality.

A deep subconscious intelligence will be our interface we share in the future.

Personas in symbols: Realist as Science, Visionary as Psychology, Critic as Philosophy and Artist as Art

Fields of study and knowledge grow holistic perspectives to form wisdom and creative productivity.

Metaconstructs in symbols: Information as Organism, Content as Identifier, Data as Notifier and Experience as Embodied

Climates build habitats to shape form into life and create relationships from interaction.

Memories form with our environment to let us control our interface to bring value into worlds.

Node string diagram: number sequence alternating up and down horizontally as 8, 1, 7, 2, 6, 3, 5, 4.

Deep inside connections, interactions pulse and breathe. Outside, accumulation decays and clusters into transition.

Complexity is traced to show simple forms forming. States and modes are not discriminated against.

Simplicity is nodes of data strings.

Flow continues in all directions and dimensions.

Entanglement Personas Metaconstructs: Symbols are placed on a two dimensional grid to represent the interplay and ambience in the framework
Entanglement Personas Metaconstructs: Node string fractally intertwined within structure of itself
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